Night by Elie Wiesel

Could something like the Holocaust happen today? Discuss more recent genocides, such as the situation in Rwanda in the 1990s and the ongoing conflict in Sudan. Does Night teach us anything about how we can react to these atrocities?

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    Night by Elie Wiesel is a great book. One of the main characters, who is the narrator of the story is Eliezer. Throughout the story he explains the emotions and what was happening to his family and himself during the Holocaust. Juliek is another character that is a boy who meets Eliezer in Aushwitz Camp. He is a young musician who plays the violin. They become good friends and rely on eachother throughout the survival. The setting of this novel is first in the town on Sighet, where Eliezer and his family lives before being invaded by the Nazis. Later, Elizer and his family get moved to Aushwitz Concentration camp in 1944. The plot of this story is the tradgic events that are told throghout the train ride to the camp, and the horrific events that people go through. When the Nazis first came, the families were forced into small ghettos with only very few belongings, and then transported by a very tight packed train that many people died on becuase of starvation. Once at the camp, families get seperated and you can tell the anger and how scared Eliezer is to be there. I would recommend this novel because as you read all of the events, you can feel the pain that comes from Eliezer’s feelings. This can also teach you lessons in life about how to teat people how how you should not take life for granted.

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